Goal de Jordi Alba!

Eeee. Kilig much! Jordi Alba scored the winning goal today ending the away match against Almeria with 2-1! Eeeee!

But aside from the kilig factor brought about by Jordi’s first Barça goal this season, it did not seem like the team has started to pick up the pieces following their two consecutive losses against Madrid and Celta. Suarez — who assisted both goals — and Neymar were benched in the first half and were only subbed in at half-time when Almeria was ahead 0-1. I know Almeria is a mid-table team but seriously, what was Enrique thinking?

Of course I’m not losing hope yet, even though Madrid seems to be at their very best form this season. They’re currently burying Rayo with a 4-1 and it’s only around the 60′ mark. Hay. Barça will be facing Sevilla next week — a freaking big game since losing to the other may mean exchanging spots in the table.

Sure, Madrid may win the league this year but I hope they don’t win the treble. It’s hard to imagine Barça winning the Champions League given their current tactical blackhole but please, please, just let Bayern win or something. Just not Madrid please? Thanks.

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