My heart bleeds for Atleti

So this is how it ends.

A heartfelt congratulations to the best team in the world! |  Source

I wanted to write a celebratory post the day Barça won the double but I decided to wait until after the Champions League finals. As a solid Barça fan, I really wanted Atleti to win. Never mind that they were the ones who kicked Barça out, or that their game play usually involves rough defending that ends with clean sheets but barely any goals. Call it schadenfreude but I really do find pleasure in seeing Real Madrid lose.

But today they won.

Real Madrid are the champions of Europe this season. And while I am perfectly happy with Barca’s two domestic trophies, I still feel terrible about the results. It’s the second CL final loss for Diego Simeone’s Atleti, and both were lost to Real Madrid.

This season’s final match boiled down to a penalty shootout. Atleti was down by a point, 1-0, until the last 12 minutes of the game when Yannick Carrasco scored after a brilliant cross from Juanfran. The scoreline remained 1-1 even after extra time. Unfortunately for Atleti, Jan Oblak’s immense performance in regulation time didn’t last all the way through the shootout and Real Madrid ended up scoring more penalty goals, 5-3.


(Side note: I hate, hate, hate how Cristiano Ronaldo always has to make everything about himself. First, this awesome Cruyff-esque penalty from Messi that Ronaldo implied was about him. And now, apparently he requested Zidane to let him take the fifth penalty because he knew it would be the winning goal. Juskolord. Ronaldo’s an amazing player but he sure exudes a narcissistic asshat vibe.)

I wonder how my favorite Frenchman Antoine Griezmann feels right now. He could have scored a decisive penalty goal and tied the match earlier on. Or what if the linesman correctly saw that Ramos’ goal was offside? This begs a debate on whether offside goal technology should be used in modern football, but that’s for another post.

Oh well. Yet another football season has ended. Time to celebrate the wins and move on from the losses. At least there’s going to be the Euros and the Copa America to look forward to for the rest of the summer.

Here’s to hoping that next year, Barça would win the Champions League again! #jejeje


7 thoughts on “My heart bleeds for Atleti”

      1. I don’t really support any team in particular but I like Real Madrid and been following European leagues like Liga BBVA, football has just started gaining popularity here in the Philippines not sure why not a lot of Filipinos are not into this beautiful game.And no I don’t write a lot as you will prolly see 🙂

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        1. Cool, I follow La Liga too! I really hope football becomes more popular in the Philippines. One day I want to go to a World Cup and wear a Philippine NT kit. 🙂


        2. Haha, you can wear your NT shirt and I’ll have mine painted 🙂 and yeah, I do hope football becomes more popular in the PH, I would often watch UAAP football matches on tv and would notice the almost deserted football stadium 😦

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