I almost hit a deer!

Putang INA
Stock image from Canva | Words mine (duh)

So I was on my way to work yesterday and everything was chill — music was great, Hozier’s “Work Song” I believe, and I was actually running a few minutes early until PUTANG INA MAY USA!!! There was a fucking deer who popped out of the bushes and ran across the road like he fucking owned it! Walang abiso bes!

It was almost a Rory Gilmore moment except 1) my car wasn’t parked and 2) the deer did not hit me. Glad I was only going 100 kph, otherwise I would have had to spend boatloads of money (that I currently don’t have) to have my car fixed. And of course the deer would have gotten smooshed and I would’ve had to deal with a roadkill of my own doing. Stress baks!

Four years in this country and now I have my first — and hopefully last — close encounter with a deer. Lesson learned: never take those yellow road signs for granted. Also, always keep a good distance away from the car in front of you. This story would have gone completely differently had there been other cars around.

8 thoughts on “I almost hit a deer!”

  1. Gagong usa, nag-jay walking? Unfortunately it is a reality of life in many states. Here in Iowa where I live, the odds of having a collision with a deer is quite high. I don’t know what state you live, but 2016 data showed that the top 5 states of having deer vs car collision are: West Virginia, Montana, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and South Dakota.

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