Let’s make this short and sweet, shall we?

I waited a little too long to write this post, so instead of reminding myself about the ups-and-downs of August I will simply talk about the movies and songs and other thingamajigs that I enjoyed last month.

In August I watched five films: Parasite (2019), Kuya Wes (2018), ‘Tol (2019), Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019), and Someone Great (2019). My favorite was Parasite. It’s not perfect, not at all, but it is equal parts entertaining and relevant and I think more people should give it a watch. Ganda.

On the music front, my favorite song last month was Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Hysteric.” It’s an old song and I already forgot what prompted me to listen to it again but, yeah, the song’s still dope. And then there’s Mojofly’s “Mata”, The Weepies’ “Can’t Go Back Now” and syd hartha’s “Iglap” — good stuff, good stuff.

Last month I also discovered Cinetactic, a YouTube channel that produces video essays on Filipino cinema and TV. The most recent episode is called “Why ‘Ang Probinsyano’ Never Ends: The Pinoy Bayhem” and they also have a video on “Pinays in Film: The Bechdel Test.” None of the episodes have raised a point that I haven’t already encountered, but I still enjoy the fact that Pinoy creators like them are starting to churn more niche YouTube content.

Speaking of, Third World Cinema Club also released a video episode on YouTube last month. It’s a Cinemalaya 2019 special, so if you’re interested in watching four critics (slash friends?) talk about this year’s Cinemalaya films, you should go check them out. TWCC is one the few podcasts that I regularly listen to, by the way, and I think they deserve to have more listeners. Look them up on Spotify na rin!

And there ya go — that’s pretty much all I have for August. I will be very busy for the rest of the year but hopefully I can still find time to write a post every now and then. We’ll see.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!* 🙂

*Except kay Cynthia Villarmabilaukan sana siyang pangit siya.

7 thoughts on “August”

  1. Ang gandaaaa ng Parasite! Easily one of my favorite movies this year! Yung details, cinematography, storytelling, siraulo talaga si Bong Joon Ho. Yung little things specifically na-enjoy ko and use of metaphors and yung ibang lines. Galeeeeng! Will look into that film podcast, I’m trying to look for other podcasts to listen to rin. 🙂

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    1. Ang ganda nga niya maaamsht!!! Ang husay overall ‘no? Nakaka-curious tuloy kung saan nila hinugot ang kuwento, haha.

      Mumsht, whatiz mag-podcast ka rin? For more hanash-hanash, ya know? Hehehehe. 😀

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      1. Ano ba yan nagka-error daw reply ko haha. Sobrang husay! Kaya nga e ang galing talaga nun!

        Kababanggit ko lang sa friend ko na magstart siya ng podcast about films! Nanood kami ng LSS nung weekend tas discussion after. Para kaming may media deconstruction class haha! Pinakinggan ko un podcast na shinare mo, in fairness parehas kami ng thoughts sa ibang pinalabas sa Cinemalaya. Kasabay ko pa yung isa dun sa isang screening alam ko ung mga sinasabi niya haha. Nainggit ako mag-update din ako ganito mga pinanood ko recently hehe!


  2. Para sakin, perfect score ang Parasite. Pwede mo ba i-elaborate kung bakit hindi sya perfect? Or kung may mga “nitpicks” (naks) ka? Hahaha. Pero seryoso, ano yun mga di mo nagustuhan sa film.

    Salamat sa recom na YT channels.

    Pero ito malupit, a week after lumabas ang HLG sa sine, napanood ko siya sa bus. As in di ako makapaniwala na meron nang copy at hindi mukhang camrip.

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    1. Hindi ko lang sinabing perfect kasi ‘di ba, nothing’s perfect? Charet hahaha. Once ko pa lang din kasi napapanood e. Kung may nitpick man ako. siguro mas may kinalaman sa sarili kong politics na preferred ko sanang ma-reflect sa pelikula. Maganda ‘yung ending, hopeful, pero ‘yung hope ay anchored pa rin sa existing system, i.e. kailangan din nilang yumaman kieme. Something like that haha. Pero pramis nagandahan talaga ako sa pelikula! 🙂

      Nakikinig ka na rin sa Third World Cinema Club??

      Huy alam mo nakahanap din ako ng HD copy ng HLG online, also a week after n’ung opening. Pinanood ko pa rin siya sa sinehan hehehe.

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