Jolenismo is a diary of sorts, an online storage space for the thoughts and feelings of a near-30’s woman who identifies as a Big-L Loser.

Jolens of Jolenismo is still in school struggling to pursue a STEM degree (she previously studied Journalism but was too timid and indolent to succeed in the media industry). She also still lives with her parents and is currently neck-deep in thousands and thousands of student debt. She is too ugly to entice a Sugar Daddy.

Jolens is Filipino and she always writes with the Filipino reader in mind, even after years of living overseas. She apologizes in advance for the hair-raising grammatical errors that she so often commits; she tries her best sometimes.

Anyway, feel free to explore her blog and judge her snooty thoughts and opinions. You are more than welcome to send her hate mail and love letters at jumpingjolens@gmail.com.

Jolenismo’s current avatar is Edward Hopper’s Automat.