My friends and I went on a picnic at another park a couple days ago. The whole affair was pretty vanilla. We grilled some barbecue and had them for supper, coupled with ensaladang talong at kamatis na may itlog na pula.

The conversations were just generic kamustahan; no interesting discussions on pretentious topics or makapaso-dilang chismis. The most memorable bit would be when they called me out for using “jejeje” in text messages. I laughed and said that I am aware of its jeje implications. “Parang meta-jeje lang,” I said.

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Term’s over so let’s go to the park!

Today, I found myself

1) struggling for a Physics finals that I did not prepare for;

2) driving back home after forgetting my inhaler;

3) going to a friend’s house for lunch;

4) watching Chappie in the cinema;

5) walking around the park and taking pictures.

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