Visca El Barça!

It’s yet another international break in football. I got no beef tho because last week, my Barça boys won over Real Madrid wankers! We’re back on top of the table, baby!

Masakit ba ang neck mo? NEKNEK MO! Wenk wenk wenk. | From Ronaldo7

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Do me a favor, babe. Please change your hairstyle. Pretty please? Thank you. Love you.


1. My boy Griezmann is a pretty, pretty lad but he needs to get rid of his shitty hairstyle — blonde bigotilyo? Ugh!

2. Barça inched past Atleti on the first leg of the Copa quarterfinals, 1-0. Hope they get more goals in the second leg next week. Bagging a win against Atleti pretty much secures them the Copa trophy. Kilig!

3. I have a Math unit exam tomorrow. I think I’m ready but I need more practice. Tonight is the night for more practice.

4. I may have been chewing really loud when I entered the Physics classroom while munching a Kitkat bar this afternoon. John slowly turned his head and sneaked a glance. I hope he’d do that more often.

5. I’m 1/3 done with A Brief History of Time. Next will be Locke and Key, the comics. After that, hopefully fantasy or science fiction. Name of the Wind? I, Robot? Something like those.

Goal de Jordi Alba!

Eeee. Kilig much! Jordi Alba scored the winning goal today ending the away match against Almeria with 2-1! Eeeee!

But aside from the kilig factor brought about by Jordi’s first Barça goal this season, it did not seem like the team has started to pick up the pieces following their two consecutive losses against Madrid and Celta. Suarez — who assisted both goals — and Neymar were benched in the first half and were only subbed in at half-time when Almeria was ahead 0-1. I know Almeria is a mid-table team but seriously, what was Enrique thinking?

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Barcelona lost to Real Madrid. Tongue in a lung.

Mula sa Daily Mail

‘Tang ina natalo ang Barcelona.

Ang saya siguro ng mga Madridista. Pinahiran nila ng tae ang clean sheet ni Bravo at sila ang unang nakatalo sa Barça sa Liga ngayong season. Mga neknek nila, peste.

Although sige, ibibigay ko naman sa kanila ang panalo. Ang husay e. Nakakabilib ang team effort — it was game won as a team and not by individual brilliance. Ni hindi man lang nag-shine bright like a diamond si Cristiano Ronaldo. Si Marcelo yata ang MOTM. Ang solid niya kasi kaliwa, both up front and in the backline. Solid sila ni Carvajal mga ‘tang ina nila.

Tapos puta nakapuntos si Pepe. Anak ng tinapa. Matindi talaga ang galit ko sa mukha ng pangit na ‘yun. Watching him celebrate is like hearing a chalk screeching against a blackboard. Nakakairita nang fatale!

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I got a 92 in Chem. Nothing to feel bad about, I know, but am still disappointed because I was expecting at least a 98. Mark said this weird fixation on getting a perfect score is a little overdue. It’s usually high school students who obsess about grades, he said. I’m well past high school yet here I am, nag-eemote sa 92. Better get a 100 next test!

I read this article on Grantland assessing Messi’s 10-year career at Barcelona. I didn’t know about the paper napkin contract so TIL. What struck me the most, however, were these lines: “He didn’t win the World Cup this summer, though he dragged Argentina to a final it had no business reaching. He probably never will.”

I don’t think I could live a happy and fulfilled life without witnessing Messi hold the World Cup trophy. If only prayers were a surefire way to get what you want, I’d go to church and do church-y stuff everyday just so Argentina would win in 2018.

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First loss of the season, atbp.

Barça lost today. Against PSG. An Ibra-less and Silva-less PSG.

David Luiz scored the first goal — the goal that tarnished Barça‘s clean sheet record this season. Barça responded with a brilliant play between Iniesta and Messi, with the latter scoring the team’s 500th Champions League goal. Haggard sa galing!

But eh, apparently Barça‘s defense proved to be too weak against PSG’s giants. I wasn’t able to watch the match and am no football expert so I got no intelligent analysis to offer. It just feels bad that Barça lost in a game I thought they’d win.

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