Journ exercise

IMAGINE YOU’RE A journalist tasked to write a news report on the president’s COVID-19 updates.

You wonder why his public speeches somehow always happen when the public is sleeping, but you do your job anyway.

You write your notes as the president speaks. It’s not your job to write everything down — you’re a journalist, not a typist — so you write only the most relevant parts according to your own judgment.

Once the speech is over, you start organizing your story. You begin by drafting the lead, the first paragraph of your report. The lead is the most important part, you know that, so you review your notes and you ask yourself: which among these details is the most newsworthy?

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The day I binge-watched ABS-CBN youtube videos


I woke up at around 12 noon, went to the kitchen and grabbed a plateful of kanin and inihaw na isda. I went back to my room, turned the laptop on then started watching ABS-CBN Entertainment videos while comfortably slouched on my bed, the duvet cover caped around my back for optimum sloth mode.

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