My heart bleeds for Atleti

So this is how it ends.

A heartfelt congratulations to the best team in the world! |  Source

I wanted to write a celebratory post the day Barça won the double but I decided to wait until after the Champions League finals. As a solid Barça fan, I really wanted Atleti to win. Never mind that they were the ones who kicked Barça out, or that their game play usually involves rough defending that ends with clean sheets but barely any goals. Call it schadenfreude but I really do find pleasure in seeing Real Madrid lose.

But today they won.

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Barça update (or why the treble is theirs to lose, baby)

Today, Barça trumped Real Sociedad, 2-0. But the better news? Real Madrid tied with Valencia! Yeah baby!

This is the day that puts Barça four points ahead of current second-placers Real Madrid. Only two matches remain, and unless Barça loses or draws both and Madrid wins both, the league trophy is going to Catalonia!

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Visca El Barça!

It’s yet another international break in football. I got no beef tho because last week, my Barça boys won over Real Madrid wankers! We’re back on top of the table, baby!

Masakit ba ang neck mo? NEKNEK MO! Wenk wenk wenk. | From Ronaldo7

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