So it goes.

Higuain’s penalty dug a crater in the moon. | Photo from Scoopnest

Let’s all observe a moment of silence for Argentina. Two consecutive second-place finish in two big tournaments — damn, son.

They were a millimeter away from winning this year’s Copa America, even closer than what they reached against Germany in Brazil. And as with the World Cup’s penultimate match last year, Higuain missed a could-have-been winning goal and Di Maria’s hamstring thought El Fideo was a Gunner. The penalty shootout unfortunately didn’t swing in their favor, eventually granting Chile their first Copa title.

So yeah, congrats Chile. Hmp.

Football break


There are no football games in all the major European leagues this weekend. I think they call it an international break? There have been international games in the past few days, which means that the players have joined their national teams to battle it out with other national teams. The most notable and only game that I watched was the Germany – Argentina friendly in Germany’s home court. It’s a friendly so it doesn’t really count, but it still made me happy that Argentina won, 4-2.

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