Ex-FIFA VP slams US-led corruption probe by citing an Onion article

Holy shit dude I wish I was kidding!

The guy in the video is former FIFA vice president Jack Warner, one of the FIFA officials who were arrested Wednesday following allegations of corruption and bribery from the US Department of Justice. Warner is currently out on bail which is why this video was made possible.

Warner accuses the US of being butthurt over their failed bid to host World Cup 2022. He wonders why the US is so eager to host the Summer World Cup 2015 “if FIFA was [as] bad” as they claim. He presents a printed news article to the camera, oblivious to the fact that the website he took it from is a satirical news portal. There’s no World Cup 2015, you dingus! I can’t believe The Onion successfully trolled a person, and an important and powerful figure at that!

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I’m still annoyed at people celebrating Iran’s defensive play against Argentina yesterday. Them Argentina-hating underdog-loving bitches!

And I hope Portugal thrashes the shit out of the US today (I will never ever view the US as an underdog in any situation whatsoever). CR7 has to step up his game. Play like you deserve your multimillion net worth please!