Messi missed


After missing the target, Messi grabbed the hem of his white-and-blue shirt, stretched it out in frustration, then embraced his face with the palms of his hands. While the other players took their penalty kicks, Messi paced around the field refusing to witness an eventual third finals loss for the Selección.

In a matter of minutes, after Chile’s Francisco Silva hammered in the match winner, Messi went on his knees, stooped on the grass, and curled like a newborn.

Indeed, there is always the fetal position.

When critics question people who feel bad for Messi, they fail to see the guy as human. After dragging Argentina to three final matches, his countrymen still hate him for reasons he has no control over. He wasn’t born in the slums, he’s middle class, and he trained in Spain—all of which, by the way, do not make him any less Argentinian.

“Messi doesn’t play the finals to win, he plays the finals to be forgiven,” says former Argentinian football player Jorge Valdano.

And now Messi has announced his retirement from the national team. It could be temporary, an impulsive decision borne out of bursting, pulsing emotions. It could be a protest against an ineffective institution. He could always pull a Zidane and come back for another World Cup final.

Selfishness begs me to hope that his decision is indeed temporary. That one day, hopefully in Russia, I could still witness him carry an international trophy. One day, I hope he gets the forgiveness he longs for.

And when that happens, I hope the people of Argentina would joyously rally behind him, exclaiming what Jon Snow said to Lord Galbart of House Glover:

jon snow

My heart bleeds for Atleti

So this is how it ends.

A heartfelt congratulations to the best team in the world! |  Source

I wanted to write a celebratory post the day Barça won the double but I decided to wait until after the Champions League finals. As a solid Barça fan, I really wanted Atleti to win. Never mind that they were the ones who kicked Barça out, or that their game play usually involves rough defending that ends with clean sheets but barely any goals. Call it schadenfreude but I really do find pleasure in seeing Real Madrid lose.

But today they won.

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Dip in form

When Barcelona started losing match after match following a 39-game win streak, everyone was quick to criticize their sudden dip in form. Fans and critics noted how tired the players were after having to play difficult matches with only three or four-day gaps in between.

Weeks prior, Barça was poised to win a back-to-back treble. Atletico Madrid, however, was able to pounce on Barça‘s fatigued spirit — they kicked Barça out of the Champions League, then closed down a seven-point La Liga gap to nothing. Atleti and Barça are now tied on the top spot and Real Madrid is trailing behind by only one point.

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So it goes.

Higuain’s penalty dug a crater in the moon. | Photo from Scoopnest

Let’s all observe a moment of silence for Argentina. Two consecutive second-place finish in two big tournaments — damn, son.

They were a millimeter away from winning this year’s Copa America, even closer than what they reached against Germany in Brazil. And as with the World Cup’s penultimate match last year, Higuain missed a could-have-been winning goal and Di Maria’s hamstring thought El Fideo was a Gunner. The penalty shootout unfortunately didn’t swing in their favor, eventually granting Chile their first Copa title.

So yeah, congrats Chile. Hmp.

Ex-FIFA VP slams US-led corruption probe by citing an Onion article

Holy shit dude I wish I was kidding!

The guy in the video is former FIFA vice president Jack Warner, one of the FIFA officials who were arrested Wednesday following allegations of corruption and bribery from the US Department of Justice. Warner is currently out on bail which is why this video was made possible.

Warner accuses the US of being butthurt over their failed bid to host World Cup 2022. He wonders why the US is so eager to host the Summer World Cup 2015 “if FIFA was [as] bad” as they claim. He presents a printed news article to the camera, oblivious to the fact that the website he took it from is a satirical news portal. There’s no World Cup 2015, you dingus! I can’t believe The Onion successfully trolled a person, and an important and powerful figure at that!

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Visca El Barça!

It’s yet another international break in football. I got no beef tho because last week, my Barça boys won over Real Madrid wankers! We’re back on top of the table, baby!

Masakit ba ang neck mo? NEKNEK MO! Wenk wenk wenk. | From Ronaldo7

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Do me a favor, babe. Please change your hairstyle. Pretty please? Thank you. Love you.


1. My boy Griezmann is a pretty, pretty lad but he needs to get rid of his shitty hairstyle — blonde bigotilyo? Ugh!

2. Barça inched past Atleti on the first leg of the Copa quarterfinals, 1-0. Hope they get more goals in the second leg next week. Bagging a win against Atleti pretty much secures them the Copa trophy. Kilig!

3. I have a Math unit exam tomorrow. I think I’m ready but I need more practice. Tonight is the night for more practice.

4. I may have been chewing really loud when I entered the Physics classroom while munching a Kitkat bar this afternoon. John slowly turned his head and sneaked a glance. I hope he’d do that more often.

5. I’m 1/3 done with A Brief History of Time. Next will be Locke and Key, the comics. After that, hopefully fantasy or science fiction. Name of the Wind? I, Robot? Something like those.