Aaaand we’re back

  1. Gotta get ’em As. Study the materials discussed everyday. Solve problems, problems, and more problems. Don’t let a day pass without understanding a lesson.
  2. Spend less. Don’t drive to school; just take the bus. Bring own baon. If possible, bring own coffee too. SkyFlakes is love, SkyFlakes is life.
  3. Brush teeth before bed. Floss if not too tired every night as often as possible. Wash face everyday. Use toner. Use Carmex. Don’t forget to moisturize. Put on lotion after bathing. ‘Di baleng haggard basta maganda ang kutis.
  4. Stay fit. Work out at least once a week. Try something new, like running. Or boxing. Or pole dancing (hehe).
  5. Be kind, always.

Hey ho, 2016! 🙂