Messi missed


After missing the target, Messi grabbed the hem of his white-and-blue shirt, stretched it out in frustration, then embraced his face with the palms of his hands. While the other players took their penalty kicks, Messi paced around the field refusing to witness an eventual third finals loss for the Selección.

In a matter of minutes, after Chile’s Francisco Silva hammered in the match winner, Messi went on his knees, stooped on the grass, and curled like a newborn.

Indeed, there is always the fetal position.

When critics question people who feel bad for Messi, they fail to see the guy as human. After dragging Argentina to three final matches, his countrymen still hate him for reasons he has no control over. He wasn’t born in the slums, he’s middle class, and he trained in Spain—all of which, by the way, do not make him any less Argentinian.

“Messi doesn’t play the finals to win, he plays the finals to be forgiven,” says former Argentinian football player Jorge Valdano.

And now Messi has announced his retirement from the national team. It could be temporary, an impulsive decision borne out of bursting, pulsing emotions. It could be a protest against an ineffective institution. He could always pull a Zidane and come back for another World Cup final.

Selfishness begs me to hope that his decision is indeed temporary. That one day, hopefully in Russia, I could still witness him carry an international trophy. One day, I hope he gets the forgiveness he longs for.

And when that happens, I hope the people of Argentina would joyously rally behind him, exclaiming what Jon Snow said to Lord Galbart of House Glover:

jon snow



I got a 92 in Chem. Nothing to feel bad about, I know, but am still disappointed because I was expecting at least a 98. Mark said this weird fixation on getting a perfect score is a little overdue. It’s usually high school students who obsess about grades, he said. I’m well past high school yet here I am, nag-eemote sa 92. Better get a 100 next test!

I read this article on Grantland assessing Messi’s 10-year career at Barcelona. I didn’t know about the paper napkin contract so TIL. What struck me the most, however, were these lines: “He didn’t win the World Cup this summer, though he dragged Argentina to a final it had no business reaching. He probably never will.”

I don’t think I could live a happy and fulfilled life without witnessing Messi hold the World Cup trophy. If only prayers were a surefire way to get what you want, I’d go to church and do church-y stuff everyday just so Argentina would win in 2018.

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Argentina all the way!

Una sa lahat, please lang sa Iranian apologists. Tigil-tigilan n’yo ako sa “Iran was the better team” o “Iran deserved to win.” Mga neknek n’yo. The first half frustrated the shit out of me because Iran was parking a fucking Victory Liner! Ano akala nila sa goal, terminal sa Cubao? Wagas kung makabantay!


I don’t abhor the princes of Persia by the way. Suportado ko pa nga sila e, by virtue of being one of the three Asians who qualified (I support the Aussies too, because AFC). Pero mehn, ang korni talaga ng 10-0-0 formation (or 4-6-0 whatever). The first half was 90 percent played on the Argentine side of the court!

But boy did my South Am boys waste too many chances! Ill-timed headers, missed crosses, way-over-the-bar attempts—why o why tinapay! You have Messi and Higuain and Aguero up front plus Di Maria on midfield—anyare mga ‘teh?

Higuain playing luksong baka. DAFAAAK?

So you know what, sure. I’ll concede that judging from how Argentina played in this match, they did not seem like a legit contender for the cup. Iran was pulling a stranded JAC Liner, but their 10-0-0 somehow shifted to a 9-0-1 in the second half. That was tactically clever, I guess. After focusing too much on defense, they started to employ competent counter attacks. Legit, mehn! ‘Tang ina muntik-muntikan na akong ma-heart attack! SO FUCKING CLOSE!

FAAAAAAAK. If one other red-wearing ass ran forward, that shot would have gotten in! And I would have died of sadness, of devastation, of third world starvation! Charot, echoz lang. Stresssss!

I know it’s weird how the match ended in only a 1-0 for Argentina. They were against a tiny Asian team for chrissakes. The referee also arguably favored them, as evident in the ignored penalty and the ref-ball in the first half (I don’t even know the legit football-speak for ref-ball hehe). But hay, just thank the old gods and the new for Lionel Messi.

The goal that saved me from hurting myself. And yes, all 11 bus drivers were in front of Messi when he aced this shit.

Now that Japan is most possibly out of the running (I doubt they can beat Colombia), all of my heart and soul is rooting for Argentina. I hope they play better in the next games (and no more parked buses please!). Sana lampasuhin nila ng Star Wax ang Nigeria, at sana umabot sila hanggang dulo. Kaya nila ‘yan! VAMOOOOOS ARGENTINAAAAAA!