Of speeding tickets and music habits

It’s been a long day.

I left the house a few minutes before 7:30. My goal was to be at the new work site by 8 am, and according to Google I still had enough wiggle room to get there right on schedule. I was cruising through 118 taking my sweet-ass time when I sensed a bright, white flash — a speeding ticket!

I couldn’t understand why I got flashed. I was only going a little above 60 — definitely under 65 — so, what did I do wrong? Maybe this was a 50 road, I told myself, but I wasn’t even a block away when I saw another flash. Wait — was I ticketed twice? Was there another hidden camera? Why would they set up two speeding flags so close to each other anyway?

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Shuffle the Music

I couldn’t bring myself to write a proper post so I’m doing another tag that I found via the search bar. This time I’m supposed to shuffle my music library and comment on the first 15 songs that come up.

I couldn’t bring myself to write a nicer intro or a better transition either so, um, voila:

Tokyo – Lianne La Havas

Love these lines: “all I’ve ever known is / how to be alone / it comes naturally.” Sometimes it bothers me how comfortable I am with being alone — a self-fulfilling prophecy, correct?

Beautiful Girl – Jose Mari Chan

Mama explained this song to me when I was a kid and was way too young to understand English. Maybe this is why I never really had a problem with the phrase “love at first sight.”

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Song Challenge

1. The last song you listened to: 3 A.m. — Gregory Alan Isakov
2. Last song you purchased: Smokers In Love — The Lucksmiths
3. Song you discovered on YouTube/tumblr: Take Me Somewhere Nice — Mogwai
4. Favourite Soundtrack piece: Adagio in D Minor — John Murphy (“Kaneda’s Death”)
5. Favourite Band: Eraserheads
6. Favourite Solo Artist: Joni Mitchell
7. Favourite Album: Blue by Joni Mitchell
8. Best Live Gig OR Act you want to see live: I would love to see UDD again.
9. Guilty Pleasure Song: No Touch — Juan de la Cruz Band
10. Song you used to hate but you now like: Lush Life — Zara Larsson
11. Song you used to love but now can’t stand: Kissin U — Miranda Cosgrove
12. Group you wish had never split: Narda
13. Favourite song from a video game:
14. Favourite song from a film: Two of Us — Aimee Mann and Michael Penn (Beatles Cover)
15. Favourite song from an advert: —
16. Song you grew up with: Pretty Little Baby — Sexbomb Girls
17. First song/album you ever bought: Color It Red’s The Best of Color It Red
18. Album you found accidentally and love: Hoodie Allen’s All American
19. Favourite foreign language song: Rindu — Everybody Loves Irene
20. A song from the year you were born:
21. Song from your favourite music genre: In Undertow — Alvvays
22. Most Over-rated song:
23. Song you would recommend to everyone: Sili Song — Fatal Posporos
24. Song that reminds you of a specific event: Bathala — Talahib
25. Song you can’t help but sing along to: Kahimanawari — Pan
26. Favourite parody song:
27. Favourite slow song: Indak — Up Dharma Down
28. Favourite fast song: BYOB — System of a Down
29. Favourite song at the moment: Rescue Song (RAC Remix) — Mr. Little Jeans
30. All time favourite song: A Case of You — Joni Mitchell

I’ve done this before, here, and the list was lifted from Angel’s blog.

A few things of note:

  1. Some things change, some don’t. “Favourite” is such a capricious concept ‘no, which is weird because the word implies certainty? Hm, maybe I’m just indecisive.
  2. I still don’t know a lot of new OPM.
  3. The Sexbomb Girls are a big part of my childhood. I remember an interview in Startalk — home to the hottest meta-okrayan segment “T the Tigbak Authority” — in which Rochelle or Jopay or one of them said something like, “Mas gusto ko ang ‘Sexbomb Girls‘ kaysa ‘Sexbomb Dancers’ kasi hindi lang naman kami dancers — mga babae kami.” Strong, ‘teh.
  4. I’ve been listening to a lot of Pan and Fatal Posporos recently. I used to wish I was born a decade earlier so I could be a 90’s teen instead of a 90’s kid. Pinoy rock had its moments in the 2000s though, so it’s all good.
  5. I still love “A Case of You” big time. Damn all the lines, man, and especially these: I could drink a case of you, darling, and I would still be on my feet. Sheght. ❤

Korean Indie


I initially intended this post to be a long-ish kuda on Korean Pop, a cultural phenomenon that kids with arthouse tastes and oh-so-high brow sensibilities are wont to scoff at. My bedside reading last night, pretentious as this may sound, was K-Pop — The International Rise of the Korean Music Industry, and Inkyu Kang’s investigation on the political economy of the idol industry was one of the most interesting—and interestingly Marxist—articles I have encountered recently.

But I easily get distracted. I go on a click-trip and open tabs and tabs of resources until I end up losing track of what I set out to do in the first place. I have read some of Naya Valdellon’s poetry, agreed to Sid Lowe’s detailed analysis of the Neymar transfer saga, and rolled my eyes at a Google engineer’s anti-diversity manifesto — all while trying to write an evidence-based pagmamarunong on the allure of charming boys and girls with bleached hair and poreless skin.

So screw K-Pop for now and let’s settle with a list of old indie favorites instead. I used to listen to these songs tirelessly, especially during the early half of the decade when I was at my most pa-cool. I never truly gained the cool cred though so while these songs may not be as popular, my pedestrian taste believes they still belong to the poppier side of the music spectrum.

It’s You – Neon Bunny

– Lucite Tokki

  – Donawhale

Harmonica Sounds – Yozoh

Face You – Casker

The featured image is from Donawhale’s self-titled album released in 2007 under Pastel Music, the music label that houses all of these artists except Neon Bunny.


In Tall Buildings – Gregory Alan Isakov
So goodbye to the sunshine / goodbye to the dew / goodbye to the flowers / and goodbye to you

Alaska – Maggie Rogers
And now, breathe deep, I’m inhaling / You and I there’s air in between

Nightmares – Josh Ritter
Nightmares have their dreams as well / And when they sleep they go to hell

10 of my favorite OPM lyrics

The following are by no means the best of the best of the best. And I am also by no means an expert on OPM.

As I was writing this list, I realized that I barely listen to OPM anymore. Save for the mainstream releases of Viva Records and Star Music, I don’t know any recently-released songs in Filipino or — for those who are not as pedantic about the language vs. dialect distinction — Tagalog.

So the following lyrics are from old OPM favorites. I also considered including songs written in English but eventually decided against it.

Not all songs in this list are about romance but they’re all about love in varying intensities. And if you have any OPM recommendations, you’re more than welcome to enlighten my ignorant, overseas ass.

1. Palayain ang isa’t isa / Kung tayo, tayo talaga

Session Road’s “Cool Off” should really be in one of those #hugot playlists which are mostly laden with ballads or pogi rock sludge. Since when did it become cool to openly admit liking Cueshe anyway?

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