Sunday Slowdown*


Four bottles of beer, and I woke up with a hangover.

I could picture my 20-year old self shaking her head in disappointment. Naikot natin ang mga inuman sa KNL, mars, tapos sumuko ka sa apat? Well, what do you know? People grow old, Young Me, and newsflash: you are now officially in your late twenties.

I longed for this. The growing old, the entire jig about being an adult. The sage advice has always been to live in the present — carpe diem — but I was never one to listen. I wanted to grow old and now here we are. I am past the phase of trying new things for the heck of it, of making mistakes just because I could. Decisions, I learned, weigh heavier when you’re old.

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Aaaand we’re back

  1. Gotta get ’em As. Study the materials discussed everyday. Solve problems, problems, and more problems. Don’t let a day pass without understanding a lesson.
  2. Spend less. Don’t drive to school; just take the bus. Bring own baon. If possible, bring own coffee too. SkyFlakes is love, SkyFlakes is life.
  3. Brush teeth before bed. Floss if not too tired every night as often as possible. Wash face everyday. Use toner. Use Carmex. Don’t forget to moisturize. Put on lotion after bathing. ‘Di baleng haggard basta maganda ang kutis.
  4. Stay fit. Work out at least once a week. Try something new, like running. Or boxing. Or pole dancing (hehe).
  5. Be kind, always.

Hey ho, 2016! 🙂

Hero – Family of the Year

Let me go
I don’t wanna be your hero
I don’t wanna be your big man
I just wanna fight with everyone else


Hey ho, 2015!