Review: Encantadia (2016) Teaser Trailer

I chanced upon this much-hyped trailer for GMA Network’s latest fantaserye Encantadia, a retelling-sequel or “re-quel” of the 2005 series that heavily borrowed themes from Philippine mythologies and foreign mythical epics, most notably that of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

The comparisons with the Tolkien epic came at a time when the LOTR trilogy was really popular, but this isn’t to say that the parallelisms were baseless. Instead of the Rings of Power, Encantadia has four brilyante or jewels that are integral in maintaining peace in the kingdom. There are also four main “races” similar to the peoples of Middle Earth and the enemy kingdom Hathoria bears an uncanny resemblance to Mordor.

But Encantadia still went on to become a commercial and critical success during its 2005 run. It was followed by a prequel and two sequels and now, in a few more weeks, we get to have another version of the original series.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.35.25 AM

The teaser opens with silhouettes of the four sang’gre walking towards the camera in full battle gear. The first few frames show that these ladies are bad-ass warriors; they defy the helpless princess trope seen in typically androcentric tales that involve throne wars and royal crowns.

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