A Playlist For No One

夢 中 人 – Faye Wong

You liked Chungking Express, didn’t you?

Have I told you that Chungking is among my favorite films of all time? Why, you ask? Maybe it’s the actors, the fact that I find them both very attractive. Maybe it’s the little details too, the fact I now associate canned pineapples and broken plumbing pipes with longing and loneliness.

Or, hmm, maybe it’s just because of that “Dreams” song, that Cranberries cover which I dearly love, and which I’m guessing you love too — do you? Or are my clairvoyant powers failing me again, huh?

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I have a Bio exam tomorrow and per usual, I am doing everything I can to put off studying. I’m sorry Bio — I never meant to make you cry but tonight, I’m cleaning up my playlist.

My iTunes has long been clogged with songs that I downloaded but never really listened to. I only acquired most of them because friends and other cool peeps had vouched for their awesomeness. But apparently (unfortunately?), I ain’t cool enough to appreciate them. I just deleted most of Anberlin’s albums, most of Blur and all of Deftones.

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