Sunday Currently #5

It is almost 2am on a Monday and I have just completed all my tasks for Sunday but I still feel like writing a post before I finally, finally go to sleep — so currently I am

reading Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata, which I would probably finish tonight (this morning) while I wait for Sleep to kick in;

writing this post and a bazillion other things for school and for work;

listening to my “Panggabi” playlist;

thinking that I am too tired to think about anything right at this moment;

smelling nothing in particular;

wishing that I could re-calibrate the universe so I could live my life as a trophy wife or a non-showbiz girlfriend;

hoping that I do better in my next electromagnetics exam (I failed the first one hay buhay);

wearing an oversized shirt and a pair of gray leggings;

loving nothing right now, unfortunately;

wanting to die charet bad joke sorry;

needing a do-over on life hayayayay;

feeling tired, man. Nakakapagod din talagang mabuhay, ano po?

O s’ya, matutulog na ako. I hope you kids are living better lives, wherever you are.

The featured image has nothing to do with this post because gan’un talaga.