On Sundays I ramble

I cringe every time I see a spike in my Stats. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it usually means that one curious cat got a tad too curious and decided to dig through my dusty archives.

Which is fine, actually. It’s dope. It proves that some people still find this space interesting and it makes me feel a little less alone (shet ang lungkot ko naman?). On the flip side, however, it also means that these people get to see more of my shortcomings as a writer. Exhibit A: my “very sad and very poor” grasp of the English language.

I’m aware of it, and I’m trying to be better at it. My about page says it all: please feel free to judge my grammar mistakes. I apologize for the lapses; I apologize for my egregious English.

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

There’s a Techy Romantics song on loop while I was lying in bed this afternoon. The thought of wallowing in a depressive morass was tempting, but who does that on a Sunday?

I do, chos.

Last night in a part-nostalgic, part-masochist whim, I decided to click the teaser for Tonette Jadaone’s Alone/Together. It’s just a trailer, no big deal, but it opened a truck of worms for me, man. Filthy worms. Worms that have followed me all the way from halfway across the world.

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